5 Important Lessons I learnt From Involving in Community Work

5 Important Lessons I learnt From Involving in Community Work

Lesson #1: Just like an old [lame] love quote: “Love is just around the corner”, learning opportunities are to be found at every corner of life. Never ask to be given opportunity. Seek it. Just observe the world with eyes wide open and make the best out of everything.

Lesson #2: Reflect back on your attitude. Don’t go off and bitch about others. Start asking if it is your problems or others’ when you can’t fit in anywhere. Attitude and empathy are the key to success. It will take you anywhere. When a person walk away from you, it might be your fault or that person’s choice. But when everybody walks away from you, maybe you have some serious question to ask yourself.

Lesson #3. Exposure to this mad pathetic world is the only way to learn and know how to get through it and be mature about it. Being a frog in the well and shutting yourself off from the real world is not going to work. Lose that [real world] virginity, travel, explore all the possibilities out there.  Take off that innocence glasses and see the world for what it is.

Lesson #4: Karma does exist, not in the form you’d expect, but when you least expect it. When you do good, the favor will be returned; it might not be from the same person you have helped. Start with a small helping act, show empathy, and last of all be true to yourself. Don’t change your true nature just because you think the world is cruel and you want to take revenge on it. Help, not because you know they would help back. Help even when you know that if the situation is to be reversed they would not do the same for you. Help because that is who you are. Hold on to your integrity and value at all time.

Lesson #5: Don’t stand by and complain how messed up the world is. Be a changing agent and a good human resource to your country and help it thrive forward. Your neighbor would of course want to help you (despite their ulterior motive), but only you know what is really going on inside your house.

Your Expectation Vs Society’s Expectation of You

Your Expectation Vs Society’s Expectation of You

I can tell you that living up to your own expectation is much easier and fulfilling than living up to others’. You only have one expectation for yourself when others have hundreds. And at the end of the day, you want to be happy, but not to please everybody.

Society should stop encouraging people to expect others to fulfil their past dream and get the value and prestige they have always want for themselves, but couldn’t. Don’t you think that it’s a little too selfish? To compromise someone’s dream and future to fulfil your past. If you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or a business man, go ahead and be one yourself. Don’t go and marry one or give birth to one and expect it will become what you want to become yourself. I really despise the funny look on the face of my teachers, my parents, or sometimes people who don’t know me at all, when I tell them I want to pursue something else that strays away from the old stupid traditional career path of doctor, lawyer, government officer… This is their expectation of me. It’s not my expectation. When I was a kid, I used to think that I would one day become a doctor. I thought that it was the expectation I had for myself when I grew up, but then I came to realisation that it was anything but an illusive thought misguided and stuck in the shadow of my parents’ expectation of me. The society’s voice keeps on getting inside my head like a spell trying to seduce me to believe that their expectation should be what I am made out to be, that it is my path. Some might say that you can’t really know anything when you were a kid. Maybe it was easy to make believe you are someone you never wish to be when you were a kid. In my case, I’m still made believe that I should be whom I am “supposed” to be until now. Of course, I can place the blames on others, but funny enough half of the blames should be put on me. The truth is I have been too blind and got sidetracked by the value this society instills in me. I have told myself that I would fight against it. But in the end, I chickened out; and worst of all, I have conformed to it.

School, college, institute may provide you education in the conformity of your society and how they want to shape you. It’s not there to provide you the knowledge you’re seeking and to shape you to be whom you really are. I believe a successful person thrives for themselves, shape up who they are, create their personality and their characteristics. None of that comes from school, from nature, from your parents. It comes from only one thing which is you, from within you. The only person who has control over your life is yourself, only you who can change yourself and make impact on yourself. You can’t change others.

Sir Ken Robinson has given a very inspiring ted talk on the topic of how school kills creativity. I don’t agree with him on every aspect, only some. I like how eloquent he is in his speech. I learn from him that a very surprising fact is that great speakers share their thoughts, not sell them. Some of us even get the wrong idea that when others talk to us, they have the ulterior motive to sell us their beliefs and we have to buy it. People never want to buy what you try to sell them. They only buy what they [think] they want. And most of us take in everything we see and hear without filtering for those who stay align with our value.

Below are a few of my favorite quotes from Sir Ken Robinson:

“The best way to work best is to believe what you do is best work. ”

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward. It’s clear to look backward. Just believe the dots will connect down the road.”

“The universities design their own system.”

“Mass quantity doesn’t add up to quality” before when you have a degree you have a job. Education is not intelligence.”

A Few Reasons Why Guys Like Girls

A Few Reasons Why Guys Like Girls

This is not my original work. I think I have taken it from Chicken Soup for the Soul long time ago (I’m not too sure if this is the right source. Pardon me for that!) Just find it interesting and want to share.

  1. The way they always smell good, even if it’s just shampoo
  2. The way their heads always find the right spot on your shoulder
  3. The ease with which they fit into your arms
  4. The way they kiss you and all of a sudden everything is right in the world
  5. How cute they are when they eat and sleep
  6. The way they take hours to dress, but in the end it’s all worthwhile
  7. Because they are always warm, even when it’s minus thirty degrees outside
  8. The way they look good no matter what they wear
  9. The way they fish for compliments
  10. How cute they are when they argue
  11. The way their hands always find yours
  12. The way they smile
  13. The way you feel when you see their names on the caller ID after you just had a big fight
  14. The way they say ‘let’s not fight anymore,’ even though you know an hour later…
  15. The way they kiss when you do something nice for them
  16. The way they kiss when you say ‘i love you’
  17. Actually, just the way the kiss you…
  18. The way they fall into your arms when they cry
  19. Then the way they apologize for crying over something silly
  20. The way they hit you and expect it to hurt
  21. Then the way they apologize when it does hurt (even though we don’t admit it)
  22. The way they say ‘i miss you’
  23. The way you miss them
  24. The way their tears make you want to change the world so that it doesn’t hurt them anymore

Siem Reap, A Peaceful Little Town

Siem Reap, A Peaceful Little Town

When you are asked to describe your beloved country, it is really hard to pinpoint just how awesome your country is.

As I sat down on a tiny rocking boat that would swift me to the middle an open-wided tonle sap rive, I let my feelings sink so deep and lost with the wideness of the breath taking view of our natural reservoir, a gift from earth to let Cambodia be blessed with so many natural resort that would just

IMG_5322 IMG_5339

Every year I spend my vacation in Siem Reap. yet it just keeps on amazing me from time to time. I never get sick of it.

I remember that one time while I was riding my bicycle down the quiet path around Angkor Thom temple, there I glanced to my right hand side and I saw this woman who had just finished her task browsing the leaves that all the big ember trees left on the path way. She was in her zen mode, taking her break under this big old tree, enjoying the view and care nothing about this mad world. I have been traveling to an alien land for a quite a few times, I dare not say I know the world round. From my observation, you can hardly find that kind of peacefulness among other developed countries where you need to run to catch your bus to work, to get to work on time and to be stuck in your cubicle and window-less office for hours and there, every day is a rush to get to somewhere or to do something. The world doesn’t stop spinning, but you can pause and absorb the world around you. Then you realize how beautiful and fulfilling your life is. Only when you know how to enjoy and make peace with your world, then you know how to live it.

Maybe I…..

Maybe I…..

Maybe I get too lost in expectation and imagination of my perfect little world, but the reality is not as pretty.

Maybe I can’t give up my independence, my freedom and my will to explore yet.

Maybe I’m destined to be a flying bird.

Maybe I don’t know how to work through tough times in relationship.

Maybe I’ve been hurt so many times before that I can never trust anyone not to hurt me again in my life.

Maybe I have changed too much from the person I once was and once admired.

Maybe I don’t like the kind of self I’m becoming when I’m in a relationship: the obsessive, the over-thinking, the doubting-too-much self.

Maybe moving from the very independent self to this very dependent girl who can’t even eat alone anymore, from the very adventurous and spontaneous self to the one who finds comfort in her routine and blankets, from the selfish person to the too-much-selfless kind, from the one who doesn’t give a single shite to the one who gives too much shite, from the one who always stands up for what she believes to the one who would surrender the battle, from the one who believes so much in herself to the one who starts doubting herself when anything goes wrong, from the one who is fierce to the one who gives in, from the one who thrives to get to her goal to the one who compromises her dream, is not what I intend at all.

Maybe I’m wrong to still have that wishful thinking that he will grow up and be more responsible.

Maybe I’m wrong to think that things will get better in the future, to think that life will not be too messed up as I suspect with all that has been going on in both our lives, to think that somehow we would work it out and get through it together.

Maybe I’m still stupid enough to hold on to this wishful thinking that guys can ever change (even when I have told myself millions times that you can’t change a person). I still hold on to this thought that I can influence him to change and make him think that it’s him changing for his better self.

Maybe my tears shed’s not because of him, but because of the disappointment I feel within myself when I indulge too much in my own cocoon, my comfortness, my dependence on him.

Maybe I am too scared to be in a relationship.

And most important of all, MAYBE I am too scared of losing myself in him.

Double-2 Year

Birthday is a celebration of not just your birth but life itself. And life involves the birth, the struggles and the achievement that make you who you are now. I really can’t be more thankful for all that has happened in my life, for the people, for the events, for everything that I’m blessed enough to have, a nice and warm family (I do sometimes take for granted), a perfect boyfriend, a bunch of good close friends that would always stick by my side, a good job, a good year of commitment into doing what I love the most, which is community work.

People say I’m predictable and routine-indulged. Wrong!!! Just look at how I spend my birthday this year. I am at the exact same spot as last year, doing the exact same things (drinking coffee and writing notes to myself).

I’ve just gone through the old journals I’ve always written for myself on my birthday during the last 5 years. There’s a quote that goes “If you are a better person you are than you were 5 years old, you have accomplished one of the biggest things in life.”

There’s no better way to spend your birthday in a nice cafe with lots of memories and sipping your favorite cup of coffee while staring out the window and letting your thoughts run wild. Although I gotta say, I do have a better birthday this year. Special thanks to my one and only sweetheart, Nick. I appreciate all that he’s done for me since we’ve met. He is more excited about my birthday than I am. When the clock striked 12 last night, he just simply kissed me and said happy birthday to me. I couldn’t wish for more of a birthday gift than this. I went into my 22nd year of life falling asleep in the arms of a man I couldn’t love more than I already have.

A birthday is about celebration with loved ones like your special someone, friends and family. Still, it’s also about celebrating and spending time with yourself. It is the state of being alone, enjoying every bit of your life and celebrating how much you’ve come so far and how much you have grown over the past years.

I really appreciate the life I have now. All the credit would definitely go to my mom, especially to literally give me everything I have now including my life. Without her, I wouldn’t even be on this earth to enjoy and indulge the love care and happiness. I couldn’t really ask for more or thank her more. I only wish I could let her know all of this. I feel bad for all the things I have put her through. I wish she would understand how much I admire and love her. It hurts me that I can say thanks to people who wish me happy birthday on Facebook, but I could hardly say thank to my mom who is my birth giver.

22 years is definitely a long way I have gone so far. I’ve been through many things, yet I still feel there are more for me to go through. Both bad and good moments in life I treasure. People think that I’ve done more than enough at my age. I say NO. I want to do more than this. There’s nothing wrong in setting a high bar for yourself and challenge yourself to improve more. I don’t feel that I’m underachieved, but I am going to always challenge my status quo. I’ve grown a lot too during the last few years.

I’ve grown out of a young innocent weak girl and blossomed into a butterfly that would flap her wings and challenge the horizone. I did break out of my cocoon stepping into the real world, professoinal world, business world, leader world, and adulthood world.

I wish for nothing but a better year and a better life which I know what I’m doing and where I’m going and I wish that the path that life would take me on would be a not-o-bumpy one and it is accompanied by someone I love the most. And I wish for the power to love more and to give back more.


It’s easy to place the blames on others than taking it all on yourself.  However, the question is what would you get when you blame others and discard your part and responsiblity.You can blame others, but you can’t make others work to get the result you want. You have no control over others. You only have control over your head, mind, body. You may say you have the influence on others, but how can you know how much influence you have on them? Ultimately, you can’t jump out of your skin and go inside others’ body and make any chances. That’s the boundary you can’t never break through.

Without innovation and creativity, you will always fall behind and merely follow others’ existing trail that would lead you nowhere but at the back of the herd. Just like a country would never go forward when their peopel don’t take the first step.

The whole polictical scheme is like a show. The goverment is like a puppet. The head of a goverment is the one to hold the strings. The businessman is the producer and script writer hiding behind the curtains whispering the words to the puppeteres. The media is a glass that filters what they want or do not want to show us. The people are the audience who would most likely believe what they see through the media.