About Me

Welcome to the window into my deep dark thoughts!

A Cambodia amateur blogger with slightly broken English

This blog has a sole purpose which is to lay down my thoughts and allow the world a slight glimpses inside my head. Some of these posts are quite personal (based on my real life experience), some are fictional (but based on real-life inspiration), some are more subjective, some are quite political and some are just random thought scrabbled into a piece.

Writing is an art that beautifully reflects our thoughts. Words is the most amazing creation of all time. It takes you right through to the head and heart of a writer. I have done a lot of writings before, but I have lost touch of it lately. I get too lost in this fast-spinning world we are in. I forget the joy and peace of just sitting down and pouring all my thoughts into my writings.

I do hope you would find some that is useful for you and some that you can relate and touch your soul when you read as we are all human beings, there might be times when we can all relate. It’s all old posts. I do not have time to edit it yet. Please bare with my grammatical mistakes and typos.

I welcome all kinds of feedback. I would also love to hear back from you all.

Enjoy creeping inside my mind. 🙂

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