What it feels like to be demotivated when you work as a motivator

So I walked into my office feeling the worst I could possibly feel as a human being. It’s one of those days when you feel so exhausted physically and worst of all emotionally.

I have been dealing with loads of horse-craps lately. I’ve felt like maybe I’m almost hitting the bottom. Have you ever plunged down so hard and fast and thought to yourself “I wish I was getting closer to rock bottom, but I am not.”

As you grow up to be an adult you do realise that the phrase “money is not everything” is true, especially when it comes to working. Being appreciative is the most encouraging and motivating reward a person could receive to keep on pushing with their work. It doesn’t have to come from somewhere high above your head. It has to come from a person who is genuinely appreciating the work you do.

People nowadays tend to get out of bed every day and go to work lifelessly like a robot. When we were a kid, our parents liked to ask us this very simple “what do you want to do when you grow up?”. All of us may have very different answers to this. However, there’s a simple truth lying behind all those answers. Nothing is more pure and innocent that kids’ answer, like they say “If an adult says you’re ugly, it might be true or it might not be. But when a kid says you’re ugly, you’re definitely ugly. ;)” As a kid, we all wished to be SOMEBODY who would make a difference like being a doctor who saves people’s life, or being a firefighter who would be as close to being real-life superhero, or being a lawyer to bring justice to this world. When you grow up, you realise that all of these are just happy thoughts or maybe that is how this “mad” world has shaped your perspective.

We all grow up to be a businessman, a stock broker, a finance officer…. and we think to ourselves nobody can be as bad and money-driven as us. We do not make any difference. As a matter of fact, all we care is number and all our bosses care is to get higher number from us. If you are a manager, your CEO wants a higher number in company’s revenue. If you are a teacher, your boss wants a higher number in students’ turnover rate. If you are a service person, your boss wants higher numbers in services. If you are a salesperson, your boss wants higher number in product sales. Simply because the bosses of our bosses always want more from each one of us. We all lose our sense in this pathetic rat race. People keep on pressuring each other from top to bottom, failing to fulfil the most important element in leadership role, and that is to motivate and inspire your subordinates. But who motivates you when you are a boss or leader and feel very demotivated?

Being a teacher, I regard myself as a leader or a mentor or a motivator. I believe that people learn best when they are at their comfort self and motivated self. I always try my best to play my best role as a study counselor, guardian, faciliator, motivator…. We, as a human, is refreshed and fed on ego (that ego is made up of achievement and recognition) to go on just like machine is fed on fuel. When students feel like giving on their study, teachers would try their best to get the student’s energy and purpose back on track. Nevertheless, when teachers feel like giving up their jobs who would motivate them? To put it in broader spectrum, so that many others can relate, who would motivate adult when they want to give up?


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