5 Important Lessons I learnt From Community Work

Lesson #1: Just like an old [lame] love quote: “Love is just around the corner”, learning opportunities are to be found at every corner of life. Never ask to be given opportunity. Seek it. Just observe the world with eyes wide open and make the best out of everything.

Lesson #2: Reflect back on your attitude. Don’t go off and bitch about others. Start asking if it is your problems or others’ when you can’t fit in anywhere. Attitude and empathy are the key to success. It will take you anywhere. When a person walk away from you, it might be your fault or that person’s choice. But when everybody walks away from you, maybe you have some serious question to ask yourself.

Lesson #3. Exposure to this mad pathetic world is the only way to learn and know how to get through it and be mature about it. Being a frog in the well and shutting yourself off from the real world is not going to work. Lose that [real world] virginity, travel, explore all the possibilities out there.  Take off that innocence glasses and see the world for what it is.

Lesson #4: Karma does exist, not in the form you’d expect, but when you least expect it. When you do good, the favor will be returned; it might not be from the same person you have helped. Start with a small helping act, show empathy, and last of all be true to yourself. Don’t change your true nature just because you think the world is cruel and you want to take revenge on it. Help, not because you know they would help back. Help even when you know that if the situation is to be reversed they would not do the same for you. Help because that is who you are. Hold on to your integrity and value at all time.

Lesson #5: Don’t stand by and complain how messed up the world is. Be a changing agent and a good human resource to your country and help it thrive forward. Your neighbor would of course want to help you (despite their ulterior motive), but only you know what is really going on inside your house.


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