Siem Reap, A Peaceful Little Town

When you are asked to describe your beloved country, it is really hard to pinpoint just how awesome your country is.

As I sat down on a tiny rocking boat that would swift me to the middle an open-wided tonle sap rive, I let my feelings sink so deep and lost with the wideness of the breath taking view of our natural reservoir, a gift from earth to let Cambodia be blessed with so many natural resort that would just

IMG_5322 IMG_5339

Every year I spend my vacation in Siem Reap. yet it just keeps on amazing me from time to time. I never get sick of it.

I remember that one time while I was riding my bicycle down the quiet path around Angkor Thom temple, there I glanced to my right hand side and I saw this woman who had just finished her task browsing the leaves that all the big ember trees left on the path way. She was in her zen mode, taking her break under this big old tree, enjoying the view and care nothing about this mad world. I have been traveling to an alien land for a quite a few times, I dare not say I know the world round. From my observation, you can hardly find that kind of peacefulness among other developed countries where you need to run to catch your bus to work, to get to work on time and to be stuck in your cubicle and window-less office for hours and there, every day is a rush to get to somewhere or to do something. The world doesn’t stop spinning, but you can pause and absorb the world around you. Then you realize how beautiful and fulfilling your life is. Only when you know how to enjoy and make peace with your world, then you know how to live it.

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  1. SARUN Sereytepy says:

    That’s a great idea to create a website describing all you’ve experienced. I’m one among others who loves the peaceful fresh riding around Angkor area. I love your journal.


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