Double-2 Year

Birthday is a celebration of not just your birth but life itself. And life involves the birth, the struggles and the achievement that make you who you are now. I really can’t be more thankful for all that has happened in my life, for the people, for the events, for everything that I’m blessed enough to have, a nice and warm family (I do sometimes take for granted), a perfect boyfriend, a bunch of good close friends that would always stick by my side, a good job, a good year of commitment into doing what I love the most, which is community work.

People say I’m predictable and routine-indulged. Wrong!!! Just look at how I spend my birthday this year. I am at the exact same spot as last year, doing the exact same things (drinking coffee and writing notes to myself).

I’ve just gone through the old journals I’ve always written for myself on my birthday during the last 5 years. There’s a quote that goes “If you are a better person you are than you were 5 years old, you have accomplished one of the biggest things in life.”

There’s no better way to spend your birthday in a nice cafe with lots of memories and sipping your favorite cup of coffee while staring out the window and letting your thoughts run wild. Although I gotta say, I do have a better birthday this year. Special thanks to my one and only sweetheart, Nick. I appreciate all that he’s done for me since we’ve met. He is more excited about my birthday than I am. When the clock striked 12 last night, he just simply kissed me and said happy birthday to me. I couldn’t wish for more of a birthday gift than this. I went into my 22nd year of life falling asleep in the arms of a man I couldn’t love more than I already have.

A birthday is about celebration with loved ones like your special someone, friends and family. Still, it’s also about celebrating and spending time with yourself. It is the state of being alone, enjoying every bit of your life and celebrating how much you’ve come so far and how much you have grown over the past years.

I really appreciate the life I have now. All the credit would definitely go to my mom, especially to literally give me everything I have now including my life. Without her, I wouldn’t even be on this earth to enjoy and indulge the love care and happiness. I couldn’t really ask for more or thank her more. I only wish I could let her know all of this. I feel bad for all the things I have put her through. I wish she would understand how much I admire and love her. It hurts me that I can say thanks to people who wish me happy birthday on Facebook, but I could hardly say thank to my mom who is my birth giver.

22 years is definitely a long way I have gone so far. I’ve been through many things, yet I still feel there are more for me to go through. Both bad and good moments in life I treasure. People think that I’ve done more than enough at my age. I say NO. I want to do more than this. There’s nothing wrong in setting a high bar for yourself and challenge yourself to improve more. I don’t feel that I’m underachieved, but I am going to always challenge my status quo. I’ve grown a lot too during the last few years.

I’ve grown out of a young innocent weak girl and blossomed into a butterfly that would flap her wings and challenge the horizone. I did break out of my cocoon stepping into the real world, professoinal world, business world, leader world, and adulthood world.

I wish for nothing but a better year and a better life which I know what I’m doing and where I’m going and I wish that the path that life would take me on would be a not-o-bumpy one and it is accompanied by someone I love the most. And I wish for the power to love more and to give back more.


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