It’s easy to place the blames on others than taking it all on yourself.  However, the question is what would you get when you blame others and discard your part and responsiblity.You can blame others, but you can’t make others work to get the result you want. You have no control over others. You only have control over your head, mind, body. You may say you have the influence on others, but how can you know how much influence you have on them? Ultimately, you can’t jump out of your skin and go inside others’ body and make any chances. That’s the boundary you can’t never break through.

Without innovation and creativity, you will always fall behind and merely follow others’ existing trail that would lead you nowhere but at the back of the herd. Just like a country would never go forward when their peopel don’t take the first step.

The whole polictical scheme is like a show. The goverment is like a puppet. The head of a goverment is the one to hold the strings. The businessman is the producer and script writer hiding behind the curtains whispering the words to the puppeteres. The media is a glass that filters what they want or do not want to show us. The people are the audience who would most likely believe what they see through the media.


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