Education as a Weapon

The strongest weapon is education. The way to tackle social issues is education. The way to find poverty is education. The power of education is so strong that many people try to shield it away from people. The more they can keep education away and people in the dark, the more they can control. Education and propaganda are two different things. Education shields light for people to have the ability to judge what is right or wrong in their perspective. Propaganda is the brushing and coloring of the world for people to see what they want us to see.

That’s why people are cautious of how they bring about education in each country. I have always thought I want to be an agent of change in my society and I was trying so hard over the year to try to change or leave impact for my society. I’ve tried to join many social volunteering event, I’ve tried to be one active advocate youth, I’ve tried to pursue my study in medical field for the belief that I will help my people at a point of time. None of these thought are wrong to think that I could do something to make a big impact on society. What I was wrong about is that I was looking for an immediate result, the one I can see, a tentative one. Indeed, it is true that you can get an immediate result when you practice all of these. However, I’ve realized that I want to make a deeper impact, the kind that would go so deep in the root and spread it impact all around in the long term plan. I want to bring innovation to the educational system that would yield more quality and better human resource to build the next generation for my country.

I have come to realization that the greatest gift a person could receive is education, I stress again “education” not schooling. Cambodia has just risen up from its worst nightmare of pol pot regime, building itself from scratch to where we are now. We have achieved tremendously in peace and other, but one thing that we are still lagged behind is our human resource and quality of our educational system. We are still adapting.

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