10 Reasons Not to Date a Doctor

  1. they’re smart in term of everything except when it comes to a relationship.
  2. “you don’t poop where you eat.” you don’t want your significant other to be your doctor and know that many malfuntions in your body or to put it in a much simplier term, you don’t want them to “check” you or be your pooper fixer. 😀
  3. no financial stability. they earn a lot but they spend a lot too especially with KTV, club and alcohol
  4. they’re not going to acutally listen to you. they can just pretend to listen, they are trained to do so.
  5. they’re not fixers. they’re naturally born to be a breaker especially when it comes to heart.
  6. you can’t gross them out. but their personality and attitude will gross you out.
  7. they’re not committed. they commit to only their study or work and themselves. they commit to med school for many years. and it proves to be the worst decision in their lives. afterward they swear they wouldn’t commit to anything ever again.
  8. interesting convo? oh trust me, they’re so boring. all they can talk about is human’s organs and many weird technical terms that you will never understand unless you study the same major. there aren’t much common topics to talk about on dates.
  9. they’re not dependable. they’re always on call and on duty. they don’t have time to listen to your crap or spend time with you.
  10. status = meaning they’re arrogant and think they can get everything or anybody in this world. remember! relationship is not defined by your money and your doctor status. come up to me and use your title to impress me would be more of a turn off line rather than a pick up line.

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